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The advantages of a twin screw extruder

Advantages of a twin screw extruder
Compared with Single screw extruder, the twin screw extruder have many advantages.

Increased versatility
The two screws mounted in parallel enables different configurations and varying conditions in the different extruder zones.therefore,Various types of twin-screw extruders available with different operating mechanisms that can be employed for different applications.
Lower tendency to overheat
In the single screw extruder, increasing the speed of the screws produces heat, which can degrade materials that are sensitive to an elevated temperature. The problem will be avoided with twin-screw extruders, as heat is controlled by external sources and produced independently of screw speed. 
Decreased residence time
The length of time for which a substance stays in the extruder is reduced, primarily due to a relatively fast-melting time when compared to that of the single-screw extruder. A typical extrusion process only lasts between five and ten minutes.
The twin screw extruder have intermeshing co-rotating screws, the flight of one of the screws wipes the base of the parallel screw which ensures full emptying of the device and reduces the amount of product that is wasted at the end of a batch.
Increased flexibility
With twin screw the process parameters can be easily and continuously controlled, depending on the desired extrusion rate or mixing function. 
Improved mixing
The intermeshing co-rotating screws in the twin-screw extruder enable better mixing. Either of two types of mixing can be achieved: distributive mixing or dispersive mixing. The first type enables the even blending and limited degradation of substances. Conversely, in dispersive mixing processes, the solid domain is broken down into a finer state.

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