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Lab Cast Film extrusion line with Film Analyzer

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Product Description

Product Performance of Small Lab Cast Film  Extrusion Line :
* SIEMENS touching screen PLC control system,highly intelligent, easy to operate
* Double protection of machinery and electrical appliances
* Equipped with magnetic powder clutch to achieve constant tension winding
* Adjusting clearance between casting roller and casting mould head by lifting mechanism
* Emergency stop device and other safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator.

* With film analyzer, can detect gel, black spot, fiber, fold, hole and other defects in film without omission in real time

Application Scope of Small Lab Cast Film Extrusion Line :
* Testing and evaluation of the casting properties of polymer materials
* New material formula development
* Optimization of production technology
* Production quality control
* Detection and evaluation of fish eye, crystal point and other defects

The test video please click: Lab cast film extrusion line test video

Technical Parameters / Technical parameters of Small Lab Cast Film Extrusion Line

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