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Lab Precise Hydraulic Platen Press

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Product Description

Product Application

1) Heated pressurized sulfide processing of the common rubber;
2) Preparation of simple rubber vulcanization products;
3) Preparation of simple products with thermosetting material;
4) Thermoforming of the common rubber, plastic and their composites;
5) Vulcanization research of the common rubber;
6)Rubber formula design;

7) Optimization and control of rubber vulcanization technology;

The test video please click: Lab Precise Hydraulic Platen Press

Main Features
1) Equipped with a high performance hydraulic system with automatic pressure compensation function;
2) High precision and high wear-resistant guide posts to support strong load force and stable lifting;
3) Electric heating and PID temperature control to fast heat and precisely control the temperature;
4) Adjustable molding time;

5) Automatically increase and release the pressure when reaching the set time

Technical Parameters
Pressure                           20、30、50 Ton
Max. Temp.                     300℃
Temp. Control Accuracy  ±2℃
Open distance                  0-150mm
Working layer                 2
Motor Power                  2.2kw
Dimendion                     L×W×H 900×500×1450mm
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