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How to do the daily maintance for lab twin screw extruder?

How to do the daily maintance for lab twin screw extruder?
1.The basic daily maintenance is to clean the machine and lubricate the various moving parts of the extruder.For example, there will be iron filings or other impurities worn down by gears in the gearbox. Check the wear of gears and bearings and make a good record. Clean the gear and replace the oil in gearbox.
2.After a period of time,a comprehensive inspection should be taken for pelletizer , check all screw tightness, and do a good record.,strength the loose thread parts, in case of failure during operation.
3.Check and adjust motor, control instrument, pipes and working parts.If there is a sudden power failure during production, the main drive and heating stop. When the power supply is restored, all sections of the barrel must be reheated to the specified temperature and held for a period of time before the extruder can be started.
4.If the meter and pointer are found to be full-scale deflection, check whether the contact of the thermocouple line is good.
5.Focus on checking the wear of the brush of the DC motor driving screw rotation, and regularly detect whether the resistance value of the motor is above the specified value. In addition, check whether the connecting line and other parts are rusted and take protective measures.
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