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Some problems and solutions of Lab twin screw extruder

Some problems and solutions of Lab twin screw extruder.
1.The pressure on die head is unstable.
Reason: The speed of the main motor is uneven. Or the feeding motor speed is not uniform, feeding volume not steady.
solution:Check the main motor control system and bearings. Check feeding system motor and control system.
2.The main motor can't start
Reason:The start procedure is wrong. Main motor wire problem, the fuse wire might be burned.
solution:Check the program,start machine again with correct procedure; Check the main motor circuit; Check whether the lubricating oil pump ,Check the status of interlocking devices associated with the main motor;Check whether the emergency button is reset;Turn off the main power and wait for 5 minutes then restart the machine.
3.Low oil pressure
Reason:The pressure setting of the lubricating oil regulating valve system is too low. The oil pump is faulty or the suction pipe is blocked.

solution:Check and adjust the pressure regulating valve of lubricating oil system. Check oil pump and suction pipe.

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