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How to do regular checking for twin screw extruder?

How to do regular checking for twin screw extruder?
When using the lab twin screw extruder, in order to ensure it can be used normally, it needs to be checked regularly,  Here are the steps:
1. It is necessary to calibrate the temperature control instrument regularly, and check the correctness of its adjustment and the sensitivity of the control.
2.We have to check the water quality of the cooling tank regularly, if it is turbidity, it should be replaced in time.
3.Check if the electromagnetic valve is normal,once the coil is burnt out we have to change it.
4.Clean the dirt in the vacuum tank, and the materials in the exhaust room in time, to keep the pipeline unblocked.
5.For the motor that drive screw rotating. we have to check it's electric brush wear and contact situation.
6.The insulation resistance value of the motor should be measured regularly to see whether it is above the specified value.
7.There should be a designated person responsible for the maintenance and condition of the machine.

8.Each maintenance condition should be recorded in details.

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